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Cleaning Digital Sensors Just Got Cleaner!

Photosol, Inc., has introduced a new standard in cleaning digital sensors. SensorSwab® ULTRA arrives on dealer shelves and online by mid-July 2015. It carries the same Safe Guarantee as its predecessor Sensor Swab® when used with Eclipse® Optic Fluid.

No other cleaning system has been recommended by as many camera manufacturers as Sensor Swabs and Eclipse Optic Cleaner. Photosol continues to be the industry leader in photographic cleaning products, service and reliability.

SensorSwab (introduced in 1998) is now improved with the release of SensorSwab® ULTRA. The difference being, SensorSwab ULTRA is made from a new synthetic blend that is super absorbent. It also has a new CAD designed flexible handle with a center groove for better grip. The results…even better cleaning than before.  The new material is also sonically fused to the wand.

SensorSwab ULTRA comes in the same optimal sizes as the original and the price remains the same.

Photographic Solutions was founded in 1983 by professional nature photographer David M. Stone. The company started with David’s invention of PEC-12® Photographic Emulsion Cleaner. Today Photographic Solutions is the leading global distributor of digital camera cleaning products, as well as film and negative cleaning solutions. Photographic Solutions understands the importance of delivering first-class service; that is why since its inception Photographic Solutions has stood by their unconditional money-back guarantee.
“Quality service combined with an unprecedented guarantee is why Photographic Solutions’ products are recommended by more camera manufacturers than any other brand of sensor cleaning product!”


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