Photographic Solutions is proud to present
talented young photographer and a
Photographic Solutions Ambassador,

Shumon Saito.

Shumon Saito. Landscape photography based in Tokyo, JAPAN.
In 2013 California, USA, after having encountered a certain landscape photographer, he picked up a camera and started his activities.
He was inspired by the wonderfulness of the realism of the work he saw during his work in California, he felt the importance of shooting techniques and post-processing techniques that give a realistic feeling as if the viewer were on the spot It was. He begins to learn it by himself.
If you do not mind, nature always seems like an immutable thing that is always there, but if you stop a bit and turn your consciousness, nature will change even with the seasons and time and our feeling at that time
Shumon wants to tell the moment he saw at that time to people who see his work as well. From that thought he still visits not only Japan but also abroad and continues to shoot nature vigorously.

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