Safely clean your digital sensor with our “Guaranteed Safe” products from Photographic Solutions. We offer a wide array of cleaning solutions that are used to clean DSLR, mirrorless and cinema / video sensors. Many companies offer similar products, but no other company offers the same guarantee –  our products are safe for the use intended when used in accordance with the instructions provided by the camera manufacturer or Photographic Solutions / Photosol, Inc.

SensorSwab® ULTRA

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Sensor Swab® ULTRA sensor cleaning swabsSensor Swab® ULTRA
Digital Imaging Sensor Cleaner

Cleaning your digital camera sensor is safe, easy and fast with the only sensor cleaning products which are guaranteed not to damage the sensor coating.

Eclipse® Optic Cleaning Fluid. sensor cleaning liquidEclipse® Optic Cleaning Fluid

ECLIPSE Optic Cleaning Fluid is the highest purity lens cleaner available. It dries as quickly as it can be applied, leaving absolutely no residue.

Orbit™ HEPA BlowerOrbit® HEPA Blower

Approved by NASA for use on the International Space Station. NIOSH rated filter for purity and high flow. Ionizing silicone bulb helps neutralize statically attached particles. One-way valves at both ends of the blower.

non-flamable sensor cleaning liquidAeroclipse® Optic Cleaning Fluid

Travel Safe. Non-flamable. the highest purity lens cleaner available. It dries as quickly as it can be applied, leaving absolutely no residue.

Digital Survival Kit®Digital Survival Kit®

Our Digital Survival Kit® is a handy accessory to your imaging gear. Everything you need for lens, camera and sensor cleaning is contained within the nylon zipper pouch which easily fits in your bag.

lens and optic cleaner
E-Wipe® Professional Cleaning System
for Critical Optics

E-Wipes are conveniently packaged to combine an ultra pure lint-free wipe (Pec*Pad®) with a precise pre-measured amount of a sterile, highly refined alcohol mixture (Eclipse®).

lint free photo wipes.
Pec*Pad® Non-abrasive Wipes

PEC*PADs are strong, non-abrasive, lint-free and pure (99.999%). They are so soft and versatile that they can be safely used to clean all types of sensitive surfaces such as scanners, CD’s, mirrors, lenses, telescopes, even ink jet print heads.

film and print cleaner
PEC-12® Photographic Emulsion Cleaner

PEC-12 is a waterless Photographic Emulsion Cleaner which is suitable for use on most film and print emulsions. It is a blend of organic hydrocarbon solvents with a neutral pH and is free from chlorofluorocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It dries instantly, leaves no residue and meets archival needs.

cinema camera sensor swab
CineSwab® Video Imaging Sensor Cleaner

Cine•Swabs are designed for cleaning digital sensors and other delicate or hard to reach optical and imaging surfaces. Clean room manufactured and sealed, these swabs are the ultimate in purity.

Sony Notice: Eclipse is safe for all Sony Alpha Cameras. See notice here.

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Photographic Solutions, A Photosol Inc. Company, has been serving the photographic community since 1983. We created and introduced the entire category of sensor cleaning. Nobody does it better.

Aeroclipse® Optic Cleaning Fluid, CineSwab® Video Imaging Sensor Cleaner, Digital Survival Kit®, Eclipse® Optic Cleaning Fluid, E-Wipe® Professional Cleaning System for Critical Optics, Orbit® HEPA Blower, PEC-12® Photographic Emulsion Cleaner, Pec*Pad® Non-abrasive Wipes & Sensor Swab® ULTRA Digital Imaging Sensor Cleaner are registered trademarks of Photosol, Inc.

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