Do not remove the swabs from plastic bag until you are ready to use them. Dirt on the swab can scratch
the sensor.

Cine•Swabs™ are designed for cleaning digital sensors and other delicate or hard to reach optical and imaging surfaces. Clean room manufactured and sealed, these swabs are the ultimate in purity.
CAUTION: Only Eclipse® Optical Cleaner may be used to clean traditional CCD or CMOS sensors.

1. Remove lens to access your CCD or CMOS sensor
2. Rotate camera to see sensor.
3. Dispense several drops onto new Cine•Swab.
4. With one side of the swab, firmly drag it across the sensor.
5. Repeat in opposite direction using the clean side of the same swab.
6. Discard used swab.
Repeat steps 3-6 if necessary with a new Cine•Swab.

NOTE: The use of zoom lenses or bellows (bellows not needed) will increase the amount of contaminants within the sensor area and more frequent cleaning may be needed.

See the videos below for directions. Use the same procedures for cinema cameras.