Digital Survival Kit®

The DSK is designed as a travel-sized accessory pack which contains everything you need to clean your lenses, filters and camera sensor while in the field.
The heavy duty nylon pouch slips right in your camera bag or can conveniently be looped through your belt.

Kits come in all three SensorSwab® Ultra digital imaging sensor cleaner sizes.

The Kit includes:
– 4 – 17mm, 20mm or 24mm / Type 1, 2 OR 3 swabs
– 10 – PEC*PAD® Non-abrasive Wipes
– 1 – e-wipe® professional cleaning system for critical optics
– 0.5 fl. oz. of Eclipse® optic cleaning fluid ( filter, lens, sensor cleaning)
– Jet black nylon zippered travel pouch
Our Digital Survival Kit® is now available with Aeroclipse® Optic Cleaning Fluid.
Non-flamable and safe for domestic or international air  travel. See your dealer.
“This is a brilliant kit, that kit that combines two professional sensor cleaning components – Sensor Swab® Ultra wands and Eclipse cleaning solution . The kit (and wands) are available in three different sizes to suit different-sized sensors. The Eclipse liquid can not only be used to clean sensors, it can clean lenses too – using the supplied PEC* Pad® lint-free cloths. The whole kit comes in its own zip-up carry case – so all the bits are kept together.
This kit gives a sensor a gr eat clean – but does come without a lighting or magnification accessories t o give you a helping hand with the process.
If you can’t find the kit on sale, you can simply buy the right-size swabs and the Eclipse® solution separately”.

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