PEC*PADs are 99.999% pure. Use them to wipe down any surface and keep the surface lint-free.
Although we market these pads mainly for cleaning optics, they are great for all kinds of gear and equipment.


PEC*PADs work great on mobile device screens and the camera lenses built into the device. We sell them in small packages of 10.
Everyone wipes down their screens but usually neglects to wipe the fingerprints and dust from the built-in camera lenses.
Try PEC*PAD for all your mobile devices!

Clean off your housings and lenses with lint-free Pec*Pads.

Pec*Pads are safe for all optical glass surfaces. Everything from bar code readers to drum scanners can be cleaned with Pec*Pad

Whether it’s the eye-piece or the front element of the lens, Pec*Pad is the ideal solution for cleaning medical and scientific instruments. When used along with e-wipe or Aeroclipse, Photographic Solutions provides a complete, pure, cleaning system for your equipment.