The invention of the smart phone has given us the ability to capture photos and videos whenever and wherever we please. No more carrying around additional gear and the quality is not only great, it’s improving daily.

A common practice is to record videos with vertical orientation. This is easy and quick but if you’re recording events that will eventually be shown to friends and family on a computer monitor or television, you may want to consider rotating your mobile device 90 degrees. This will allow for a full screen view when shown on other devices.

Every single television and computer screen made is based upon a horizontal format so mobile videos translate to them better in the horizontal mode.

Most smart phones can record in high definition. 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is a long way from what it used to be at 480 lines of resolution and almost square. Before HDTV we didn’t even know we were watching and recording low definition.


So the next time you record that newsworthy event, steady yourself, move the mobile device slowly and hold it in the horizontal position for a better viewing experience on other devices. Not a rule, just a guideline.